CMID inspections accredited by IMCA-recognized IIMS

CMID Vessel Inspector Denmark Moeldrup Marine Consulting
IIMS accredited CMID Vessel Inspector Moeldrup Marine Consulting Denmark

Moeldrup Marine Consulting offer CMID inspections accredited by the IMCA recognized International Institute of Marine Surveying IIMS. Our certification is hold by the company’s owner and chief inspector Bjarne Moeldrup Kristensen, whom with more than 40 years of experience is authorized as “Accredited Vessel Inspector” number AVI000255.


CMID inspectors are in charge of assessing the ship’s or vessel’s with focus on three measures regarding the ship’s seaworthiness and general – not contract specific – condition; the vessels ability to protect the environment, the safety of the personnel and visually assessing the internal integrity of the vessel’s hull (watertight integrity). The vessel inspector’s assessment results in the creation of the Common Marine Inspection Document – the CMID report.


International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) is an independent, non-political organization that supports and promotes professionalism and recognition as well as training of vessel inspectors across the world. IIMS is recognized by IMCA as the governing body for issuing certificates to accredited CMID vessel inspectors.


Moeldrup Marine Consulting is accredited to perform CMID audits and write CMID reports on the following vesseltypes:


 - General


 - Heavy lift


 - Dynamic Positioning


 - Pipe and Cable laying vessels


 - MISW vessels (Small Work boats)