Project examples - conversions, dockings, insepcections etc.

Your satisfaction is reached through our experience. Moeldrup Marine Consulting hold great experience with conversion of ships, repairs, planning, project and site management during docking and surveys as well as planned inspections such as ISM and ISPS audits or special surveys or inspections like CMID audits. We also have great knowledge on pre-purchase inspections, change of flag and change of ownership.
We deliver advice, consulting and technical management solutions to ship owners and shipping companies in all maritime sectors from offshore wind to coasters, special purpose vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and other cargo ships and commercial vessels.

The ship was purchased to be converted to dedicated transport of fish feed to marine fish farms in Norway. Moeldrup Marine Consulting conducted the planning and project management, including site management at the ship yard during the conversion that included shortening the ship 11 meters, installing new bow and stern thrusters, two new diesel generators, mounting a travers and an excavator for self-loading as well as a foundation for a discharge crane. The full conversion and the ship was approved and classed by and according to DNV-GL standards.

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Dutch build PSV supply ship upgraded for servicing the offshore wind sector as SOV Service Operation Vessel. Installation of DP dynamic positioning system from Rolls Royce, approved by DNV-GL as DPS1. Moeldrup Marine Consulting handled the procurement and planning processes from evaluating and selecting suppliers to project management and supervision during installation, test and approval procedures. Get more info on how to install DP systems on SOV vessels here.

During purchase of the cargo ship Vitin Moeldrup Marine Consulting assisted the ship owner with change of flag state. We handled all required procedures and documentation in the change of flag process from German flag to Faroe Island flag while the ship was located in Tunisia for technical preparations and survey. See more on how to handle change of flag to Danish flag on all merchant vessels and cargo ships in general.

Pre purchase inspection AHTS anchor handling offshore supply ship - Moeldrup Marine Consulting
Pre-purchase Inspection - Storm Express

Before the buying ship owner’s final takeover in Newfoundland Moeldrup Marine Consulting performed a thorough pre-purchase inspection on board the AHTS anchor handling supply ship and delivered a complete inspection report to the buyer as a basis for decisions. Read Moeldrup Marine Consulting's information on how to perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection on a ship