Flexibel optimization of technical ship management. Your satisfaction is what matters most for Moeldrup Marine Consulting, that is why you don't pay for more than exactly the help you need.

We supply the crew or manpower necessary for the exact job when your ships need assistance, advice or require specific maritime know-how.

You'll get access to superintendents for project management and audits, marine engineers or repairmen for special projects - whatever you need.


Your fleet is your most important asset. We keep it ready and fit for safe and efficient operation while keeping your cost and expenses down.


We always work to meet the required industry standards and base decisions on the highest possible expertise. We know how important it is to you, your crew and your customers that your ships are kept in the best and most efficient operation. Moeldrup Marine Consulting secures this with more than 40 years of maritime experience.

Our Expertise

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